8 thoughts on “Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo”

  1. Fi SLR lebanese…………baa3d ma 7adan lakata…..i know where its ….but its very far from my place and even from u guys….located ina village bil North so try hard and do ur best 2 spott it

  2. Wissam and JD,

    Ferrari’s offcial color is YELLOW not RED, it’s called “Giallo Modena”. For starters, the Ferrari emblem or logo with the black prancing horse has a yellow backgroud. You can see it on every Ferrari. To make things easier just scroll up this page and look at the Ferrari badge on this website’s title.
    Furthermore, the color “Giallo Modena” (Giallo means yellow in Italian) is named for the region in Italy where “Enzo Ferrari” grew up, “Modena”. Not coincidentally, that region’s official color is yellow.
    Red is simply the popular color for Ferraris.

  3. @ wissam ……. the original color of Porsche is not grey , it is Silver …… look at the old Porsche’s classic cars , you can see that the first Porsches were made in Silver color , such as teh Porsche 356 , the 1955 Porsche 550 spider (one of my alltime favorite Porsche) …… but of course they were also made with other colors , but the original color was Silver …

    And nwo about that 911 Turbo in the pic , well what can i say , it’s a Porsche so it’s just brilliant .

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