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  1. Hey

    I know this car it’s a de lorean, the car pf the movie back to the future dircected by Steven Spilberg

  2. elie…look indi gallardo w magnum w yellow gallardo w CL lorinser w f355 w alpina B3 w maserati gt w bentley continental w arnage w H1 w murcieaglo w video la black murcieaglo lal submitt….sho do i submit them all daf3a we7de

  3. Ali is right. The car is a DeLorean DMC-12 built in Great Britain from 1981 till 1982. Around 8500 were made. I have to mention that this car is very slow. It has a Renault V6 engine that develops around 150 horses. 0 to 100 took a very long 10.5 seconds!! The car is famous because of its gullwing doors and stainless steel body. And of course because of its appearance in the ‘Back to the Future’ movies.

  4. The name of the car is DMC built by DeLorean (an english car manufacturer). A very rare car, around 8000 only built.

  5. i never heard of this car unforturnately, but it looks like something ma byefham lama l doors yeftaho, bas ma3kon ha2 100%, this car is just a nother car if the doors r closed

  6. iam living in dubai and you know in dubai there is many amazing
    cars but ihave ever see an amazing car like this

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