6 thoughts on “Bentley Continental GT”

  1. awesome car..V12 ..550 hp…4.7 sec 0-62 mph…190 mph topspeed…great car….amazing sound(u can hear its sound bil video clip taba3 3asi 7alani)…….bytheway shefto new murcieaglo..its called murcieaglo LP 640….V12-640 hp-6.5L-3.4 sec 0-100km/hr..fantastic 1 more powerful than (SLR-carrera gt-F430-gallardo spyder-) and has same acceleration with the ENZO …Saleen S7..

  2. yeah and apparently the new murcialago crashed twice and its still in its testing phase !!!

  3. hey wissam the continental GT has a top speed of more then 200mph i saw it on the discovery chanell and the driver was going 320km/hr on a wet track

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