11 thoughts on “BMW 6 series”

  1. hi guysa farfoura w carla henne model w mouch 3am ykazzbou 3andi pics la 2elon bel jem3a kenet rfi2on bass lama kel wa7de 3emlet masari ma 3abbarou 7adan

  2. guys fi M6 converible in lebanon kenet mere2 2el sobo7 w mar2et 7addi bayda w convertible m6 w kenet lebanese do you belive ana be3te2ed 2el wa7id yalli shefa

  3. there in no more leb iza bidalone heik! 12000 tourist keft 1.6 millions are not comming anymore, there is no more bridges standing,no more airport…. tourist where supposed to bring with them 4.5 billions$ and make half a million Lebanese work.

    Anyway I hope every exoleb visitor is in a safe place.

  4. nshalla man…dy3an kil hal seye7..soo2al yalli ma3o SLR or lambo sho byaa3mel feeha iza ma fi ysafer 3al khaeeleej mn lebanon laa2no msakar l matar w haydoool sayarat ma byotla3 3ala tareeek demachk wil chem (laaaa2no tareek jabel w ma kteer mnee7a) so cho byaa3mlo…..dy3an lebanon w allah yestor

  5. kelna 7amyeeno la lebnen bi damna..meen ma ken wshu ma ken kelna wa7ad..ana bew3edkon eza t2azamit il awda3..ana ra7 efta7 jabha men canada wbalish 2e2tol yahood we7yet ala

  6. Guys I know we are all angry but lets please keep a good level of discussion on the site.
    Wissam about the cars, there is a Saudi car in my neighberhood right now, so I guess they are hidding them in Lebanese friends home or if they own a house in Leb wich is very probable for exotic cars owner its probably hiding in the parking

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