Lebanon Under Attack

Israel’s attack on Lebanon resulted is:
Over 1200 dead
More then 4000 injured
Over 1 million displaced
People hiding in churches, mosques, schools, and there homes where targeted by Israeli bombs.
Here are some pictures of innocent civilians murdered by Israel and other pictures of homes, bridges and other civilian infrastructures destroyed by Israel.

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7 thoughts on “Lebanon Under Attack”

  1. Sorry for all the collateral damage.
    It’s a shame you were looking the other way
    while your government let Iran establish an army
    in the South. What did your government suspect
    that army was going to do one day?

    Live and Act with morality and you will be able to
    complain with morality.

  2. Dear Avi,
    Now is not the time to give you my opinion about Hezbollah, and if I remind you of Qana, and of the many civilians killed I think you will say Hezbollah was launching rockets from those areas, so I will just ask you those questions:
    -How does destroying bridges in Lebanon help destroying Hezbollah, Israel bombs the bridge and makes it unusable but doesn’t stop there! they re-bomb it many time untill they destroy it completly.
    -How does bombing a milk factory help destroying Hezbollah?
    -How does bombing 2 medicaments factory help destroying Hezbollah?
    -How does bombing a pre-fabricated houses factory help destroying hezbollah?
    -how does bombing power plants help destroying Hezbollah?
    -How does bombing open top trucks full of children with your high precision laser guided missiles that can see the smalest detail help destroying Hezbollah.

    Waiting for your answers coz I really don’t think those where “collateral damage”.

  3. Yalla ya shabeb..ad a ykoun fi damar..ad ma yzeed el 3amar ba3den..
    and by the way..wats up with the crazy singulair guy?

  4. I totally support what Elie said, i think raising those questions is very important. Let’s hope we find the answers…

    Lebanon will be rebuilt…

    Long live Lebanon….

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