Rally Du Liban, Porsche Club

This year, the Rally of Lebanon organized a Head 2 Head competition between the rally cars, but before the Head 2 Head started we enjoyed watching Classic cars, Porsches and Harley Davidsons.
In this post you will find the pictures I took of the Porsches, Pictures and Videos of the other cars will be uploaded soon.

12 thoughts on “Rally Du Liban, Porsche Club”

  1. eza eja 2a2al men 200 porsche ye3neh el ma ken zabit ma3on la2ano el porsche bi l;ebnen metel el taxi ya zalameh

  2. hi guyz..ana rje3et …sho fi jdeed bil sayarat in leb…hayda rally re7et 7derto w fi kein kamein porsche cayennes… new turbo S and turbo(rented) w baa3d 1 nseet sho howi

  3. Guys I havn’t received a single picture since the war started (except an S320 today) So I will put some old pictures tomorow.

  4. i hate it when they organize a porsche rally or gathering and someone shows up with a boxter……….. if i had a boxter i would be ashamed to show up there or even to think about the idea of showing up………..boxter owners: get rid of it, give it tour wife or girlfriend and get urself a real porsche other wise get a life….

  5. hey M.FARHAT the one who buy a boxter is because he cant afford a 911 that’s alll (it’s less than half of the price of a 911)

  6. @H Farhat …… That is one of the most ignorant posts that i have ever read on this website . You don’t even deserve a Porsche after what you said . You should be ashamed of what you’ve just said .
    do you even know that the Boxster is the most pure Porsche in the dealers right now ?!
    Now people here will start saying things like; ?Ǩ?Oh but the 911 has a longer history?Ǩ or ?Ǩ?The 911 is faster.?Ǩ
    The 911, no surprise, is faster but that in its self doesn?ǨѢt make it more pure. So that brings me to my other point, the 911 doesn?ǨѢt really have more history. Yes it does go back to 1963 compared to 1997(first boxster into production) but that?ǨѢs only in name. In spirit the Boxster goes back much longer.
    Porsche?ǨѢs first car was the 356, first made in 1948; a lightweight, low power, mid engined, 2 seater. Sold in either Coupe or convertible guises.
    And the boxster has the same charactesitics that i mentioned earlier about the first Porsche. So 3raf Terikh l sirayarat abel ma tehke 3anoun ?Ǩ?Ǩ And it is one of the best sportscars in the market right now . (mech kel chi bel 0-60 wel top speed ya chabeb , fi chi esmo HANDLING , nchala tkouno bta3erfo chou ye3ne)

    Of course i’m not telling you that it is better then the 911 , i would die to get a 911 , but the boxster has also it’s own benefits and good points.

  7. @ EL khoury
    first of all what i said was not ignorant, on the contrary you embarrassed yourself wit hyour even more ignorant comment….i dont give a shit what anyone says here but the boxter is one cheap ass car that shouldnt be on the rally and i think of it as a car that suits women and old fools only…

    in the US and this is originally from germany, they say ” a boxter is a poor man’s porsche”……

    Second I dont give a shit if it resembles a car from 1948 which in my opinion i dont think they made it to be its predecessor..when i see a 40 or 50 000 dollar car I do not go to the dealership to ask about its history and if its madeas the next model of a 1930 car…ppl donot give a shit…ppl give a shit about car’s history whe nthere is a reason behind why they are built, being unique, carry high price tags, limited number productions, a racer decades ago who won one of the world champinoships and the car came into production to resemble this victory and to be remembered and a million other reasons…..

    generalizing a 911 is even a more stupid comment to compare it to the boxter for being the only mid engine, lightweight and 2 seater…
    911 has more than 10 models i.e, carrera, carrera s, 42, 2s , cabrio, twin turbo, turbo, turbo s, gt , gt2, gt3, gt3rs, cabrio42, and the listttttt goes on…..
    just cause a boxter is a midengine, 2 seater and light weight you cannot say its the soul of the first car….you might be right but whose gonna know and i do not think porsche wants that….they would rather produce a prestige car to represent that…………..

    anywayss: MY point in the previous comment was boxters are cheap and they only targeting specific people…handling is superb, trust me even if its cheap porsche would not make it a cheap experience to ruin their reputation…..I know a car is not only about 0-60 and top speed but you have to be within a a reasonable range, and i hate when someone comes and say a honda civic with turbo, nos and supercar gadgets filmed dragracing with a ferrari 360 or whatever and says it owneddddd it…..weight and power ratio is what matters when it comes to that,,…i dont care if its a vw beatle against a carrera GT, if it has less weight more power its getting owned………

    and let me tell you another fact about the boxter…..me and my friend were at the convention and the introducing of the cayman in porsche dealership in Kuwait ( the most expensive dealership in the world) …..having ties and connections in the inside I was told that, porsche personels specifically said that there should not be any new or used boxtersssss in the dealership when the cayman was introduced….that my friend also says something……….which all goes back to the boxter being a poor mans porsche

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