Ferrari Testarossa

This Ferrari Testarossa was spotted by Mahmoud in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Ferrari Testarossa is a 12-cylinder mid-engined sports car made by Ferrari, which went into production in 1984 as the successor to the Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer. The Pininfarina-designed car was radically wide at 1976 mm (77.8 in) and low at just 1135 mm (44.7 in) high.

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  1. oh god i hate this ugly car… ana ma be3terif fiya as a ferrari because ferraris r made to attract people’s attention not the contrary…

    @ GEORGESKHAI…. hey man fi el souwar taba3 el blue ferrari berlinetta that i spotted at galaxy wa2ta re7na ne7dar casino royale…. u have to post these pics cuz i took them with very nice angles…

  2. I love the Testarossa !I am an old fashion Ferrari lover , i love older Ferrari’s . The Testarossa is one of the best looking Ferraris ever , so hardcore , very fast , sexy and attractive ,it is wild , it is a man’s car just like very old Ferrari , it is a True Ferrari . Now that’s how Ferrari should look like , and that Red color is Simply Wonderful on that car .

    BUT , i have a certain doubt that this car in the pic is a “True” Testarossa , i think it might be a Replica . why ? the rear end of this car is totally different than the true Ferrari Testarossa , especially the lights , in the real one the lights are covered by black plastics , actually all the rear end is covered by black plastics, so the rear is totally different than the one of the real Testarossa .
    But i may be wrong , maybe the owner changed or modified the rear view to look somehow like modern Ferrari’s that have round rear lights etc…….

    Anyway if it is a real Testarossa , it is a shame that it doesn’t have the original “rear body” …..

  3. hey el khoury,

    it is a real testarossa but with the rear lights of a 512 M .. I dont know why he put these ugly things, cause e.g. the front is completely old fashioned, its not matching like on the 512 M..


  4. nya222 ugly lights more ugly than the 512 lights 3al alile houlike byenchefooo
    but ferrari is awesome thiss car can eat the road around 350HP don’t forget it’s 20yr old

  5. Micheal jordan had a red 1..i read that david beckham has 8 cars..btw ..he has the bentley conti gt …porsche boxter..and the X5..w baa3d 5 nseeton bas ma kteer 2elon 2ahameye……kamein Samuel otto has a black SLR spotted in madrid..w ma7eleyan ragheb 3alame has many cars…for instance..760il and 745 ( i donnno y)..grey hummer H2..sometimes park in kleey2at..Black SL500.Vogue 4 his whife..CLS..he just paid 2 little 2 have it….white porsche cayenne S .finally maybe CL lorinser…najwa karam has a FX45 w mabaa3ref sho kamein..w akeed haifa ma mnenseha w killkon btaa3rfo…vogue and a grey ferrari nomreta 700

  6. @ Mahmoud ……… you’re right , it has the rear lights of the 512 M . The front lights of the 512 M are also different , they are not “pop up” lights like the one on the original Testarossa , if we had a pic of the front i guess it would’ve been more clear the name of this car , but if it’s as you’ve just said that the front is like the one of the 512 TR then it is the owner who changed the Rear , so this is a Testarossa (512 TR ) with the rear of the 512 M …….. though it could have been better if it was totally old fashioned , without messing with the rear lights .

    Again, Wonderful car ! Nice pic …….

  7. Guys do you know how much does a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 cost ? and how much does a (2003,2004,2005) Subaru WRX STI cost ? and which one do you think is better ?
    (i know these questions ^^ are not about the Tessa but i would be glad if you answer my questions above ) . (we really need a forum to discuss cars ) lol ….

  8. @ EL KHOURY… look man i asked last year about the EVO 7 bi ma3rad 3ala tari2 jdayde wa7ad mennoun keloun nwy it was about 27000 $ w ndife ktir kenit mechye about 50000 km i think (not sure) but about the WRX STI i don’t know bass akid iza bafes el model el EVO 7 aghla..
    based on my informations, the EVO is always better & faster than the WRX STI & has higher performance & i asked an EVO 7 driver once about the differance between these two cars, he told me what i just said but he told me that the WRX STI is better for compfort & for the use of everyday specially on the lebanese roads…lool.
    but for me i would rather prefer the EVO on THE WRX STI & i don’t care about the compfort because who wants to buy that kind of cars wouldn’t care about compfort….

  9. @ Pierre …… Thanks very much for your answer , seriously.
    So they are affordable (for a moment i thought that they are above 30 000$ lol) so thanks for the prices Help.
    So from what you’ve said, the EVO beats the STI when it comes to performance but the STI provides better comfort and better use for everyday . mmm

    My opinion is same as yours , i mean who would think about comfort when buying that kind of cars , of course the comfort is necessary for everyday use but i wouldn’t care very much about comfort while driving an EVO 7 .(though lets make it clear for everybody else , the EVO is not a pain in the ass when it comse to comfort , but as “Pierre” said , the STI is more comfortable that’s all) I guess the Recaro seats on the EVO are not as comfortable as the seats on the STI. 😀 and they both have a stiff ride .
    But i thought that the STI has more horsepower (about 20 HP more than the EVO) and a little bit more Torque, but i guess in everyday use that difference vanish.

    It is a hard desicion to choose between these 2 cars , but i don’t know why i always lean Towards the EVO :S …….

  10. 7eloo ya pierre saba2etne
    btw now the EVO 7 i think wont cost more than 24.000$$$$ because the EVO 10 is on the wayyyy

  11. @ el khoury
    hey man i think that both have 300HP (for the EVO 6 and the STI of that generation) but nowaday i think that they have the same amount of HP
    btw the STI got a 2.5 Liters engine and the EVO a 2 Liters engine

  12. @ georgeskhai …….. i guess the EVO 6 had 280 bhp , and also the 2002 STI had 280 bhp , but you can always reach 300 bhp if you put a Chip etc…. they have similar specifications . But now the 2006 STI has 300 bhp while the EVO 9 has 286 bhp , but that’s nothing when it comes to real life, taht difference will definetly vanish in everyday driving , and i also think that the EVO is better , i heard that the STI has a bit of “understeer” on the corners while teh EVO is more presice , but after all they both give us the same feeling, the same Fun factor and the same adrenaline rush , so it all comes down to your own opinion and taste , but i Lean towards the EVO .

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