5 thoughts on “Ferrari F355 Berlinetta”

  1. Elie..marra bi montreal canada ken fi ferrari f355 la wa7ad lebneneh..shou 2awlak btezbat 3al website?

  2. Actually there was a plan to expend to the arab world and then maybe to the world but now it’s “Paused” so I keep the pics maybe we’ll add them in the future.

  3. Very nice car , i love the F355 , but i prefer it in Red , the red suits this car perfectly . I wish if i can own one someday.
    Nice pictures ” pierre ” …

  4. red is soooo borinnnnngggggg!!!!! 2enno we know ferrari red is THE red but it’s so much of a stereotype that i’d rather see it ( or have it 😉 ) in any other colour

  5. @ Lea torbey …. The red might be boring but it is definetly not boring on Ferrari’s lo0l! Anyway i got your point , but IMO especially on this car the red looks beautiful …. But of course i will take it even if it was Purple ! 😀

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