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Guys I have assembled for you various articles, links and products from around the web, hope you like them.

I?「どィび「ll begin by recommending Firefox, Firefox is a free web browser, the difference between Firefox and Internet Explorer is that Firefox is more secure, faster and believe it or not, Exoleb is optimized for Firefox, why?? Simple, because WordPress the program on which Exoleb is based is optimized for Firefox so if you use it, Exoleb will load faster and show better.
You can get Firefox directly from Exoleb by pressing the link that?「どィび「s over the calendar.

After installing Firefox, you can go and visit this website you will find this great article: Aston Martin DB9 vs.

Ferrari F430 vs. Ford GT vs. Lamborghini Gallardo vs. Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet – Comparison Tests.

After that I recommend watching this great 40 minutes Video from YouTube of the Bugatti Veyron racing a plane on Top Gear:

After all of this, go to WinCustomize and download this Ferrari Skin I made years ago. (Xman2222 that?「どィび「s me – don?「どィび「t ask me why, I don?「どィび「t remember lol!!)

7 thoughts on “Exoleb 1st Package”

  1. I have seen this Top gear episode before , it is entertaining, but seriously it doesn’t improve my point of view towards the Veyron , i still prefer to spend that amount of money on buying a Ferrari , a Porsche and a BMW and a Lotus and a Corvette instead of buying Only 1 Veyron . I mean i find it pointless to buy 1 car instead of buying all my dream cars that are more fun to drive …
    Don’t get me wrong , i do like it , it is exremely fast , but it is just not my cup of tea … my taste leans towards other cars.
    And i think it is no more fun than an Exige . but hey , it is ok !

  2. me too man she’s got 10 radiators:s
    man i’ll buy the bugatti because it perform like an F1 car 0-100 in 2.5sec a LIMITED top speed of 404km/hr
    and this car had cost 5 milion $$ but they are selling it at 1.5milion$$ so yalla go and buyy one

  3. 1001bhp..W16..254mph..404km/hr..212mph..and still one gear to go.four turbos..125 mph just in 7.3 sec..16.7 2 reach 188mph..55 sec from 0-250 mph..quicker than USAF F18 Hornet..that is my dream car

  4. @ WISSAM………hey man keep dreaming!!!…For once stop giving us infos we already have, come on man just give us something we don’t know or we didn’t hear about yet….
    one more thing man u shouldn’t dream of something u can’t get, just dream of something u can afford it’s price & it’s expences…
    for example i dream of have a 2007 AUDI RS4 cuz i like it & i dream of tuning it as i did in the need for speed most wanted ohhh my god…i think i can afford to have such a car eno 7a22a 100000$ instead of dreaming of $1.5 million car….

  5. hey guys, i am a big fan of the top gear show! they provide lots of information and pictures of cars but the bugatti veyron just sucks!!!! 10 radiators??? my house has 4!!:S!!! what’s the point of making this stupid car?? its fast and i know that but still damn 1000BHP??? with 10 radiators i’ll go for the Ferrari Enzo or the Porsche Carrera Gt or the SLR..thank you

  6. hey ziad but this is a 1001 HP so u must heat a lot of fuel which means if u dont have goods radiators the car will blow and burn too easly and this car got a radiator for the spoiler because the forces on the engine that let the spoiler go up will burn if the engine doesnt get cooled (the pressure on the spoiler at 200KM is hugeeee)

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