4 thoughts on “Bentley Continental Flying Spur”

  1. we say bentley, not bently! 😀 bass true bet 3a22ed… though, ken 2a7san law kenit convertible ! bentley Continental GT 😛 no?

  2. this is a flying spur so it’s a 4 door salon but bentley released the new convertible continental GT and it is called GTC

  3. hey guys…u should the c the baby-blue 1..its awesome..w as rayan said..its awesome bcz that 1 (the baby blue) is also lebanese..and its nb plate is (212–hay2a konseleye) ..I tried for several times 2 take shots 4 this car in verdun..but unfortunately i couldnt..cuz kein fi bodyguards we2feen 7adda..it parks always there(in verdun )…2a7la bekteer mn this 1..try 2 spot it..

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