12 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vantage”

  1. That car is Gorgeous ! it really is one of the best looking cars in the market right now …….

    Again , nice spot “georges” …..

  2. guys….fi astonmartin..hon bi talet l khayat kein lawna aswad..sa7eba 3emelha lawna red mn shi 1 weeks..he also owns a red 575m bas kamein be3a..3ala fekra talet l khayyat is place where u can spot many exotics(997 turbo-F430-WRX sti-2 many vogues ,not only the ordinary ones but also z tuned-astonmartins) hope can i spot them chi 1 day..but ma friend hisham akeed fi yeb3atlna sowar la 2ellon kellon

  3. @hisham..wle train..sawer l 997 turbo indkon bil garage wz the F430 w b3aaton yalla aw b3aatleye yehon w iza mannak 2adder roo7 sawer l vogue l mzabat or the subuaru WRX..waiting 4 the pics!!!!

  4. @ WISSAM…….man rou2 halla2 chou bek?? ma 7adan bisaddi2 illa ma ychouf so waffir 3a 7alak 7ake w b3at el souwar w bala hel mwadi3 kella…ok..
    oh btw iza el STI bte3tebera exotic ya3ne fi mechkle kbire man…cuz ken fawwal el site men souwar el STIs w el EVOs cuz kell yom menchouf chi 10, eno come on man this is not an exotic car it’s just a rally car..

  5. ya Pierre…ana feye 2a3mel chi mishin l sowar..fi sa7be hisham fi yeb3aton kellon w ana intelllo..mb3ref iza la7 ya3mel heik..but believe l subuaru WRX sti l 3an mne7ke 3anna ma taba3eyye gier l subarus w its well known..ma3ak 7ak bhal chagle inno fi kteer WRXw feena neb3aton..but hayde raheebe

  6. Guys , why don’t you spot some Evo’s and STI’s ?! Maybe they are not exotic as you said but they definetly are welcome in this website , i mean there are lots of STI and EVO fans around here , i will take myself as an example , i really like these cars , and i rarely see any of them , so maybe you should start to post some pics of them , but anyway as u like .

  7. In addition , there are not categories for Mitsubishi or Subaru , i guess it would be nice if we make 1 categorie for Mitsubishi that contains EVO’s and an another categorie for Subaru that contains STI’s and STI prodrive …… what do you guys think ?

  8. man it’s an exotic site ino it will be nice if wee post 2 EVO or STI near each others ino 1 evo or 1 sti is nothing but 2 of these near each other well be gr8

  9. Bas man think of it in this way , these cars are the “Top brand” of their Manufacturers , don’t they deserve to be spotted ? i think they do , and IMO we will have some good discussions about them and we will enjoy it , why ? because they are AFFORDABLE and provides thrilling performance for a good price and some of us might actually buy one of them and in addition you don’t see LOTS of STI’s or EVO’s everyday, i mean we always talk about cars that worth more than 150 000$ though we know that we won’t be able to reach them hehehe u know ?! anyway you (pierre , georges , and mahmoud i guess ) are the suppliers , so it’s your desicion i guess …. but hey , it’s ok!

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