5 thoughts on “Custom H 3”

  1. Hey this H3 was taking a WRANGLER out of the snow lool w ma ken 3am ye2dir yzi7o add ma antika hel Hummer… it doesn’t deserve to be in the HUMMER family…

  2. “10.000$$ to get these rims and chrome some stuff ” ? Damn , some people do have more money than brains …….

  3. 3ala sereet l rims….halaaa2 sar derej l aswad cuz l chrome hon bi lebanon ma meshi 7alo..cuz minil l tor2at w heik w even naw3eyton manna mnee7a kteer bcz l mne7 kteer galyeeen iza njebo la hon..but instead of that…l black wheels halaaa bil sadara..mb3ref meeen 2alle ino shef l SL500(red) with black wheels ..w H2 SUT white kamein with black rims..7series bil autoclass..kamein blackwheels…guys 7adan indo fekra 2adde 7ak l black rims ta2riban iz beddak trakabon 3al mercedes S class??????????????????????/

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