4 thoughts on “Ferrari F430”

  1. @ EL KHOURY….That’s what i was taking about…
    btw didn’t i tell u yesterday that i’m going to find some exotics & take pics of them..guess what?
    i spotted a LAMBO DIABLO SV & a YELLOW TUNED M3 WITH BLACK RIMS & some CARBON FIBER PARTS & a FERRARI MODENA which we spotted a second time near la piazza beside a WHITE CONVERTABLE M3 & i also spotted a DARK BLUE F430 CONVERTABLE but i couldn’t take a pic of it cuz it was at the other side of the road at raouche.
    hope the pics will be posted soon..

  2. God i can’t wait to see the video pierre .!
    What an awesome car ! nice spot …..
    You saw all these exotics yesterday ?!!!! ya zalame kif betle2ouwoun , 3anjad ! i mean you saw few of the best cars in the world yesterday bro ! 😉 … post the pics ASAP !

    btw , wissam la7 yonbosit bel yellow tuned M3 with “” Black rims “” 😀

  3. man the BMW M3 is too awesome and very nice tuned so i think this guy must be a friend of tarek and rafic

  4. hey george..hayda l M3 raheebe..dayman bshoofa 7ad baite..near panacea health club..mish bas mzabetta mn barra but also from the inside..7atettla TVs bil headrests..w shoofa manna manzar at night..raheebe hal siyarra

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