Subaru Impreza STi WRX

This Tuned Subaru Impreza STi WRX was spotted by R.H. near the Abraj Center, What’s special in this picture is that the car is actually in the process of getting tuned if you notice there is some cables over the passenger side mirror, those cables go from the engine to a Laptop that’s being used by the passenger, and there is a camera mounted on the Dashboard.
The car was going back and forth on the highway that goes from the Karantina Area to the Hazmieh Area.

29 thoughts on “Subaru Impreza STi WRX”

  1. @ Pierre
    Yep 7assayto balla ta3meh, I think it will cause drag instead of improving stability, a normal spoiler would have been better imo.

  2. Damn , what an ugly Spoiler ! the Subaru WRC has the same spoiler , but who would think of putting it on a street/road car ?! :S …. The original STI spoiler is far better ….
    I would like to know what kind of Modifications he intends to do , and why ……i am sure it’s gonna be a really fast car , more than she is right now !
    Btw , nice number plate ….

  3. yeah shant is right and i think the owner is a rally driver to put that spoiler which is ugly and to modify the car while cruising

  4. elzalame 7atet hal spoiler !! i think he know’s what he’s doin!! nice car i love subaru’ssssssssssssssssssss oh and i have some pic of a EVO9!!

  5. @ EL KHOURY……. Hey man i have some photos of an evo 8 w 7atit soureta 3al background taba3 el cell cuz i really love that car we’ll submit some photos….

  6. @el u said man..hayda l siyyarra really very fast..betkhawef..believe it or not..hayda l subuaru shelet lambo gallardo(yellow) w ma7tooota hon 3al site w ana with my friends sawerneha..w sheleta 3al autostrade l marriot l sobo7 bakkeeer..believe me ..this car is owesome…mzbt l rear spoiler beshe3 kteer bas aweyye kteeer.w b4 kein 7atetla black wheels w mfayamme…i heard inno its the most expensive 1 in leb..20000$ for the turbo..2a7la chi ra2ma..

  7. guys……sa7eb l subauru 2al yalli byerba7o ,ya byaa3ti l siyarra aw bye7re2a..wethe2 mn 7alo kteer..mzbt laa2no l siyyara hayde kteer aweye w mzabetttta 3al ikhr..

  8. @ pierre ……. hey man , i would love to see the photos of the evo 8 , i am a big EVO fan …..

    @ wissam …. hay2eta nar man ta to2rout l gallardo ! it seems that it is well tuned . Anyway , 20 000$ for the turbo , god !

  9. Wissam you are right i met Mouataz before the car arrived after tunning. Infact this car went to the gulf and went under full tuning process from engine to suspension to everything he said that it is going to be the fastest in lebanon and it turned out to be really a supercar. u can visit it on talet il khayat everyday guys…

  10. its nice bas eh el spoiler is too big bas el ashkom men halla2 sha7bar el rear bumper shefto el aswad?!!so mamni7 hek

  11. i know it’s not beautiful but this is the same spoiler used in rally so it must give the car a better performance

  12. I know that subaru it’s my neighbors, he’s got a ferrari 360 modena and a bentley continental GT and a red porsche carrera GT

  13. this kind of spoiler helps keeping the car straight on top speed in darg racing, and i guess this guy have it for a reason, he’s a drag racer

  14. Isint that car Roje f3ales car i thnk cs i saw it in the LR’S drag race and they told me that that car is for roje fa3ale

  15. hey guys…i really dont think the spoiler would do much…here in australia rexy’z r very very common every lebanese guy drives one(their like a lebanese icon here lol dont ask why) and ive seen sum very very fast rexys but none with a spoiler like that. it just makes the car look ugly and for what?2 make the car abit faster but it all goes out from the looks…dont like it

  16. man its an awesome sti
    everything about it is really cool and i dont find anything wrong with the spoiler

  17. nice spoiler,is it limited edition subaru or it;s already modified, it;s cool that the spoiler parts are available

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