9 thoughts on “Tuned Honda Prelude”

  1. this breaks down the level of this page… El khoury you are right.. no way to name this an “exotic”.. these cars are for guy who can?Ǭt afford a real sports car but want to drive around fast and dangerous.. that is my opinion

  2. @ MAHMOUD…hey man it isn’t an exotic for sure eno ma badda te7lil el ossa bass we usually take pics of cars that have a sport looking or if u want a tuned car not only exotic cars…
    eno it’s nice to spot such cars…

  3. ino it’s too rare to see a very nice tuned car i know that it’s not an exotic car but we can’t say that it’s not a sports car + RARE + gorgeous

  4. i think elkhoury-mahmood are right…ma blee2eha kteer 7elwe .yet ma feeha chi khasso bil safety.. w 2addee badda tkoon sareee3a???

  5. Nice car, very popular here bi canada, bas lish ma fi sura of the engine? Tuned isnt just body kits…get pictures of engine too!

  6. haha ,.,.,. honda prelude 92 turbo tunned ,.,.,.2a2wa 4 cylinder car in lebanon,.,.,. baddak tsufa 2adde sari3a? jib 7ayala 4 cylinder car w tla3 3l jnub

  7. bs lal shabibe l taybe l ma bya3erfo shou hiye l Honda la ouwe yetfalsafo l prelude hiye sport car plus l stock engine l byeje fiya moukhif H22A search For it guys 3al Wikipedia bs tfata7o shwey la kel yali mtamashin 3ena b hal balad w yali mesh sheyfin shi gher BMW w Golf 😀 thank u all Cheer Up

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