9 thoughts on “BMW Hartge E63 645 Ci 5.1 (based on BMW 6 Series)”

  1. Hey mahmoud i’ve spotted this BMW 3 weeks ago at raouche…it has a nice looking..
    btw it has a 420 HP an from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 sec what means it’s about 0.3 sec slower than the M6.

  2. BTW it has a top speed of 290 km/h so it isn’t limited what means that it can beat an M6 on a long drag race cuz the M6 is limited to 250 km/h…

  3. wow, didn?Ǭt know that.. From where did u get the info ? Many people hate the look of that BMW but i like it a lot , cause it is something very creative, not that standard bad look front with some wannabe spoilers.. it has class 🙂

  4. i always spot this car at Bliss Street, it parks always there. The owner is not lebanese, and he is from the khaleej but i like this car its sexy powerful and nice..best regards, -Zo’. BTW elie i posted my 350z pics, why arent they on da site ? thank you

  5. ana 3indi sou2al.. chu bya3mel bil faragh li 7add l daw ??
    mich 7elwi hek yetrika fadye :S
    bass bi chakel 3am.. l siyyara 7elwi…

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