6 thoughts on “Maserati 3200GT”

  1. Nice car ….. be3te2id Ghassan el Rehbani ken ma3o menna couple of years ago ….
    Does anyone know how much does this car ( 3200 GT ) cost now ?

  2. yeah ur right gassan lrahbani owns one btw this car is around 8yrs old so i think we can buy such a car in less than 50.000$$
    like i remenber 2 yrs ago i was readin “al wassit” and they where a guy that wanna sell his 2001 maserati at 55.000 $$$$

  3. hehe lol i was just pretending…eno i thought this would cost more..anyway i don’t have any clue about the maserati prices…

  4. Thanks guys for the prices , 55 000$ for a fast Maserati , good price i guess even if it’s not a new model ….. can we compare it to the BMW e46 M3 ? both have a 3.2L engine but the 3200GT has it V8 , more than 330 HP , almost similar acceleration , but the M3 cost less , maybe because of the brand name ,……. which one would you buy if you have the money , the BMW e46 M3 or this Maserati 3200 GT ? (if you want specs of each car just ask and i will be glad to answer) …….

  5. for me i’ll buy the maserati
    but i think lebanese people don’t buy such a car (2nd hand) because they were into an accident the cost well be to high and more over thay must wait to get the parts that were damaged from italy so it takes them a lot of time and in lebanon we can find hundreds of garage that got BMW parts
    we cant compare the 2 brand by they name because the maserati is wait out:D
    but by performance we can

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