7 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Modena”

  1. hey guys did anyone of u check the 2010 ferrari dino 420 ????? that car will be pushed by a V 10 engine

  2. @ GEORGESKHAI…man chou osstak m7attat 3al PICANTO?? man ma3ak khabar eno el PICANTO will be the best selling car in its series?? cuz metel ma kenet 3am be7kik last day, kell fachkha 3am nchouf we7de w el HYUNDAI GETZ w CHEVROLET AVEO w TOYOTA YARIS & TOYOTA ECO mech mbayynin eddem el KIA PICANTO…looll. sooo…lek bi ayya siyarat 3am ne7ke…

  3. yeah pierre i know that the picanto is the best selling car in her category (in lebanon) but her category is the cars with 70HP hayde yalle asdo:P

  4. That Ferrari 360 Spider belongs to my friend Mohammad al Raai, he owns a Medicine Company + he is a doctor..take care ya’ll..nice spots.

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