7 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vantage”

  1. Spam Protection

    Guys, I’ve been getting a loottt of Spam Lately so from now on to verify that your comment is not a spam message you have to do a little maths test (add some numbers together).

  2. I’m the first to test the system !

    but I don’t understand how you can receive so many spam. (your e-mail is a “picture” so a bot can’t catch your adress)
    Anyway, fortunately the maths test is not very difficult 😉

  3. Laurent the spam is not only to my mail (before it was a pic it was an address) but it is on posts here, everyday I receive at least 10 comments full of links and spam!

  4. I guess it’s the main problem of a webmaster after the programming.
    I’ve already read in a magazine that the only thing you can do is to lodge a complaint for every mail which you receive. good luck :s

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