Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

This red Ferrari Enzo Ferrari was spotted by Pierre Ziadeh today in the Beirut airport customs area, Pierre took some pictures of it and then Georges Khairallah passed and took clearer pictures of the car with a digital camera.
If you happen to pass near this area don’t forget to catch more pictures of the car, and since the car is in the customs it should be probably be entering Lebanon very soon so be always ready to spot an Enzo!
Note that this is the first Enzo Ferrari spotted and photographed in Lebanon.
EDIT(04/05/07) : Mahmoud submitted a photo of this Enzo he took 1 year ago parked in the same place but covered.

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  1. eh Pierre its a silver Carrera Gt with a green license number..that always passes by in Achrafieh

  2. shabeb youssef ( my friend ) is a specialist in the Ferrari Enzo:P 2aleh inno that is the same Enzo that was in the Tiesto Concert..(beirut,lebanon) w el owner te3a la hal car is simply not lebanese!..and he comes here every now and then for business or very rare events..

  3. eno i wasn’t in the tiesto concert to see it hehe
    tab ma32oul eno kenit bi tiesto concert w ma7ada sawarra ??? come on my friends where there w ma7a 2alle chi

  4. George the car was parked in a very secure parking and was covered! so nobody could see it..bass add ma low 2el seyara w taweeleh u can know its an enzo

  5. Shabeb youssef my friend swore that he took a Picture of a black Carrera Gt in lebanon w he wants to send it..will that be ok?

  6. fuckkkkkk! 1 year AGO?? shu 3afanet el Ferrari Enzo?? who the fuck leaves such car mermeyeh wen maken??

  7. ya chabeb boukra mna3mil 3amaliyit dahem w mnekheda for a spin on the runwayyy hehe

  8. guys the enzo isnt for rana koleilat,it is for abu ayash(i knew his bro,he has an M5 now,the new one)…anyway this car cant be bought by any1 becuz it has eshia manna 2anuniye(like bank el madina)n it cant be sold until the wholw bank el madina thing is solved!the carrera gt has a green plate,i saw it 3l rawshe a yr ago,it may be rented or it is a foreign car with ana idkhlas mou2akat plate….and about the video,i believe its true:D…btw i saw the enzo when it was in leb

  9. btw the 2006 Z in leb is 287 hp for autoand 306 for manual,the 2007 one in leb is 306 for both auto n manual(plz dont argue it with me,i have the Z n i know it :d)

  10. hey RR i have a Z too .. only mine is from saudi arabia and i dont know shu beba3ebso bil cars around here..anywayz what i know is that el 2007 Z btejeh 300 for Auto and 306 for manual(outside lebanon) w btejeh el 2006 Z el automatic 287 HP w el manual btejeh 300HP..w about the enzo inno ana i dont know the owner of that car..bass i wanna know who..7aram keef kebeba hek:S..anywayz tc shabeb and byezz ..BTW the carrera gt that has a green license plate is not a rented car..

  11. look guys for the 2006 Z in lebanon , the manual one comes with 307 HP and the automatic one with 286 HP. i don’t have any idea about the 2007. but like i recognised that in lebanon the cars are diferrent that outside in lebanon the Z gauge comes with 280 KM/hr (saudi arabia ask ZO about it) but in lebanon they comes with 160MPH or 256 KM/hr :S

  12. look guys for the 2006 Z in lebanon , the manual one comes with 307 HP and the automatic one with 286 HP. i don?ǨѢt have any idea about the 2007. but like i recognised that in lebanon the cars are diferrent than outside for exemple in saudi arabia the Z gauge comes with a maximum of 280 KM/hr (ask ZO about it) but in lebanon they comes with 160MPH or 256 KM/hr :S

  13. yeah george is right i even sended him pictures proving that the car’s gauge comes maximum at a top speed of 280 not 260..thanks..

  14. Well as far as i know the american Z has the 260 gauge as well(i have one)but the european ones have the 280 Gauge…Btw i just found out that the automatic Z that comes from the staes has the same specifications as the 2004 automatic Z in lebaon,they come with the same specs!!!theyre one yr late!

  15. wallah ya chabeb i’m new hear and a liked what you’ve done bas yehre2 3ardkon chou 2aw2et bthallelou khalat.that sad if u want any information about the ferrari’s owners let me know.adam and zo are right about the enzo and i’m sure this car will never leave the guemerek and the price is around 1million never less its hard to see an enzo treated this way when she has 398 sister only.


  17. but man don’t forget that the ferrari enzo is sold only for people who own a F40 or F50 ans any regular ferrari so i think those people won’t sell their ENZO only if………..(DONNO LOL)

  18. like i said georges perhaps you’re right but in my opignon its too early to make money out of an enzo.but if only the idiots of our gamareks take more care of this car as last time i was there i saw her and i was disapointed as i saw this car in abou ayache parking and it was new and last time it looked like a shit.the color changed and the inside is worth.

  19. Im someone from lebanon….and the ENZO wont be sold in an fact Abu ayash is taking it out very soon….Please rectify ut information…

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