9 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vantage”

  1. bass re7eta CIGAR:P so ma totla3o fiya eza ma bet7ebbo l CIGAR cz i saw the owner 3am bi naffikh:P

  2. such a sexy car!!!..i adore this aston martin, it looks amazing, by the way i was at class yesterday and i saw a new phone called Nokia 8800 Aston Martin V8 Vantage( hayda esmo lal phone ). men edem ketbeen Aston Martin w men wara ketbeen V8 Vantage 7a2o 850$! ill get it over the N95:P:D

  3. @ ZO…2adde 0-100 km/h?? did u ask? kam HP fiyo? loool baddo ykoun sari3 ktir ta 7atta 7a22o hel 2ad..

  4. hahahahahah..no i didnt take a picture..go to class and check it yourself, its really nice. Or try seeing it on the internet

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