5 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Modena”

  1. Hey ELIE u didn’t mention the M3 convertible in the 3rd pic!!
    they look pretty nice near each other!

  2. hehe pierre an M3 is nothing compared to MODENA:P hehe
    N.B : is good for it’s category:D

  3. leik george…ana shefet 3ala magazine( 2al jaras)…l ferrari modena tab3eet hisham l hajjj nomreta 112233 ..keef badde jebelkon soreta????

  4. @ WISSAM…lol sawwera 3al magazine w 7otta 3a exoleb…men2oul eno spotted by WISSAM in AL JARAS MAGAZINE…loooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll…

    @ GEORGES…hey man akid the M3 is nothing in front of a MODENA but it has it’s look & it’s power & it’s a very powerful & beautiful car…& i wasn’t comparing it to the 360..

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