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  1. so kein fi yjeeb S65 AMG….w mn edem mn jowa hayda taba3 l mercedes S l 2adeeeme abel l gawwasa..sa7 mzabatta bas ma betkalef hal 2ad.

  2. 250,000$ :Pha 😛 he made laugh ya zalame 😛 leh sho fi shi WAW 😛 akhid l bouz min siyara ! wil teez min siyara ! bas nisi yighair l vitesse 😛 mibayni kanit an old 2 door SEL 😛

  3. very strange car…

    every parts of the car seem to come from mercedes, maybach…
    but the rims lol (…)

    and the brakes !! as big as mine in my golf 1.6 😉

  4. Hey guys…this MERC is a 3 part Mercedes..loool…it has the front of a SLK & the back of a S600 but the original body is the one of the S500 coupe & i think it’s a 1998..donno!! but it’s not such a nice car bas 7abet sawera ta 3a22edkoun!! loool…men jouwa kella custom w masket el bweb 3layoun na2chet metel ka2ano chi kaleb mda33as jouwa w jewe el dene! lol…& it really had cost him around 250000$…

  5. @ pierre:man this is a 5 part mercedes:
    1-Chassis of a CL class_W140_(92-98)
    2-Front headlights of a CLS
    3-Front Bumper of an SLK
    4-Backlights of an S class….
    5-SLR style exhaust system

    Plus it couldnt have cost him 250K!thats so impossible!For what?for bumpers and headlights?or for the Maybach Steering wheel?If what ur saying is true then this guy is so dumb n stupid!he coudlve got the new S 500 along with the CLS 350 for maybe less than 250K!anyway its a complete waste of money n shouldnt even be mentioned in exoleb!

  6. 250k for a S500 and a CLS350???
    S500 with amg kit for less than 200’000$???

    Think again, the base S500 costs 205’000$.

  7. @ RALF….u maybe right but these r the infos i got…i don’t even believe that it costed him 250000$ but barke mazbout!! se3eta mazbout bikoun STUPID!! loooooooolllll

  8. @ RALF…i got the info from my friend’s brother who works for this man & yesterday i wanted to make sure & my friend told that it a carbon fibre body & i will make sure later cuz he told me if i knock on it, i can feel it!!

  9. bass ta 2elkoun eno hayde el siyara mrakabe terkib kela cz eza betla7zo el window men wara metel el 300 ce w men 2edem model w men wara model fa hayde puzzel:P

  10. look ralf u got a point but u dont have to forget that maybe he went to the states and made all the modifications (west cost customs for exemple) and we know that would cost him a lot and more over the lebanese taxes.
    or maybe he went to mercedes-benz and ask for the modifications from merc and maybach
    im just putting some possible explanations
    btw the SLR front bumper costs alone 30.000$$ and here the down part of the bumper is the SLR one and the exhauts would cost him a lot
    pierre forgot to mention that they told him that the sound is awesome(maybe some engine modifications)
    finaly the CLS 350 costs 125.000 $$ the S500 205.000$$ like “K” said. and this car is unique and that’s y the owner would pay that huge amount of money (btw guys he own a lamborghini diablo so he got money;)

  11. the S500 doesnt cost 205k,we have one so plz dont argue with me…
    plus if it were an SLR front bumper it wouldnt fit the CLS headlights which should be rebuilt so i dont think that any normal guy would do stg….Anyway no matter wut this is a POS n i wouldnt pay a single dollar for it….

  12. hey ralf i told u maybe 205.000 $$ or too close to that number.
    all of us knows that the owner is not a normal guy:P hehe

  13. what the ****??
    the only thing that i did not like is the total shape, mesh rekbe, but other than that, it is really amazing, the photos are not that good with all my respect and thanks to the one who took them.
    i think this is:
    front light cls
    front bumper slk
    grill slr
    back light S
    chasis old CL

  14. hey guys
    this car is an CL Class as we know (shaba7)
    the modifications done on this car was made by Dragon body shop in tarik el jdede and I have a picture of it that I will send it 2 u……250,000$looooooooool

  15. hey guys, he his no more than a bad designer
    he reminds me of those who tune their old 323i in a very ugly manner
    and listen to hany chaker’s oldies!!!
    the only difference between him and those who got old 323i is that he is richhh
    damn guys. remooooooooooooooove iiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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