4 thoughts on “Tunned Toyota Celica”

  1. hey SHANT very beautiful car ur friend has!! very nice lookin’
    btw he added the Turbo right? cuz Celicas doesn’t come with Turbos originally! nwy why didn’t u come at the meeting? it was really awesome!!

  2. i didnt come cs fetna bel 7et ! aw kena ra7 na3mol accidan with the celicaa!! so my friend was WOOWW soo we didnt came!!! i was pissed man!!:S:S:S anywayyy next time for sure!:P

  3. Hahahahaha, nice tuning guys bass sara7a i prefer buying a fast, sexy STOCK car !!. Why should i buy a Toyota Celica with a fucked up engine w pay 10000$ akeeed eza mesh aktar ba3ed 3ala el sayara ??? i’ll get any other car. That is actually STOCK.

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