9 thoughts on “Cayenne Gemballa 550 GT”

  1. guys..7adan indo fekra 3an shi porsche cayenne sho ma kein naw3o w sho ma kein wad3o w sho ma kein modelo aw lawno ma byefro2 bas se3ro abo chi 50000-55000$….just inform plz ..

  2. do u no at gemballa even does to a porsche, ki l body bit ghayro la carbon fibre , the engine bi zeed she 70hp, woo the interior is pimped to the max, n it costs bot $70,000 more 😛

  3. i looked it up n the 07 cayenne gemballa turbo 550 gt does 0-100 in just 3.8secs!! thats SLR McLaren speed!

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