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  2. I know the owner of this car, he’s a friend of my friend that owns a red murciealago, they often go to bliss.

  3. ohh my lil bro’s toyy!!! hahah nice spot man!!! Pierre the thing iss the colore is sso not good!!! lezim tkoon all BLACKKK!!! KIFFF???? man did you get a bit ( horny ) when you saw the car???:D:D:D hahahahahah again man nice spotttttt!! btw guys we want STI picss comeonnnnnnnnn!!

  4. lol, guys pierre 3adeneh :P. soret 7ebb el AURI R8!!!..Nice Spot, i do agree, el color lezem ykoon black. Bass fuck the STI:P

  5. eh this car ktir 7elwe, bass its 2 expensive in lebanon, in the US and it retails at around $120,000 while here its around $200,000!
    its supposed to be in direct competition with the Ferrari F430 and Porsche 911 Turbo.
    while the R8 falls short of the 911 Turbo and F430 in terms of its dynamic abilities- it lacks Porsche’s outright speed and the Ferrari’s sensual allure-it is not far behind.
    the R8 has the exotic appeal of a supercar, yet combines this with comfort and refinement of a GT.
    bottom line it a gr8 car, performance wise and in the looks department. not to mention its gonna save you a lot of money if you are tryin to decide between the three cars.

  6. @ RAMI…hey dude here it costs 253000$ not 200000$!! i asked about the price at Kettaneh!! btw u need to wait for the AUDI LE MANS QUATTRO!! 😉 haha there will be no F430 nor a Gallardo to follow it with the acceleration of 3.7sec!! haha…so u should buy a Gallardo supperleggera!!

  7. @ SHANT…hey dude i hope i really had spotted this car!! but actually my dad did!! & he really loves AUDIS so he was really attracted to this car w eja la3ende ta 7atta ykhabberne w yfarjine el pics!! haha chouf la ayya daraje!! my dad taking pics of cars!! bas cuz it’s an AUDI!! & not ordinary AUDI!! btw ana w bayye ktir men7eb el AUDIS & he drives a 2001 AUDI A6 that he never let me touch it just to keep me alive!! hahaaaaa

  8. the R8 is way far from the ferrai F430 or the gallardo.
    audi launched this car to take the clients of porsche and with le man version they gonna play with the ultimate ferrari,lamborghini, TOP porsches ….

  9. sho hal siyarara l besh3a…hehhe…3am bemzah ma3ak pierre..guys into ma 3ajabkon ger lon l aswad….sho ray2kon bil white la hal car..amazing…shefta…tab sho ray2kon bi orange and black(combO)..fanfucktastic…great car

  10. very nice car, hope it was a valaible in a different color though, too bad the sports addition of this car the le mans quattro wont be out till around the end of next year 🙁

  11. i wonder how much the LE MANS QUATTRO will cost here, if this car is already $130,000 over its normal price! the le mans is gonna be awesome, especially if some1 in leb buys it, bass im still prayin that the guy with the CCX brings it here!!! best car of all time in my opinion!
    wouldnt mind spottin a ZONDA in leb 2…
    hehe but anw its pics like these that make me proud 2 be lebanese…even though most of em are owned by foreigners 😛

  12. Hahahaha Mohammad Al Raai, my friend. Owns a Koenigsegg CCX!!!!. tereka bi SWEDEN, 2aleh eza broo7 3a sweden be 2a3edneh bi alba…!!! walla eza sa7aleh baddeh roo7 !!!

  13. hey BILAL guys!! there’s another AUDI R8 available at the Kettaneh company at Mar Mikhael & it’s SILVER!!!but the best & more agressive color for this car would be the black!! it makes it look like a MONSTER!! 😉
    btw BILAL u’re right the LE MANS won’t be out this year!! and maybe it will take more than next year to be out!! but what i know is that FERRARIS & LAMBOS should consider a new competitor!!! haha 😉

  14. pierre ..l R8 hon bi leb 7a22a 230000$??…wow..iza heik wa7ad a7sanlo yjeeeb l gallardo(lambo) betdalla lambo bil neheye w ana bshoof inno lambo lamma tooo2af ma3 l R8 lambo betbayen aktar..mabaa3ref hayda ra2ye…kamein leik l ser3a ma feek te7seba . i mean 7atta law l R8 perfomance kein a7san mn ferrari lambo betdall l ferrari wil lambo 2ela haybe aktar…y3ne iza kenet ma3 3alam w sa2oolook whats ur car..fi fare2 bein lambo w audi..cuz lambo sho ma kein naw3a kil l 3alam btaa3ref..bas l audi ya man bas li indon knoweldge bil cars mish daroori kteeer metlna y3ni bas inno byaa3rfo..bas bye2daro ymayzo hal car..while the rest inno ok audi bas sho heye mabayaa3rfo..y3ne ism l car 2elo ahameyye kteer..bas ma tez3al…akeed l audi R8 raheeebe

  15. el Gallardo hon ha22a 300000$. so I’ll take the R8 over the gallardo w rasseh merte7…cause simply i want a car.

  16. the gallardo supperlegera in lebanon cost 323.000 $$$ so i think that the gallardo will cost around 280-290
    btw yesterday i saw a gallardo and the sounf was awesome. i love this(GALLARDO) car

  17. wlek ya WISSAN ana ma 2elet 7a22a 230000$!!! chou bek btekoul el as3ar!! chou lahy2a 3eyich bi chahr el tasawwo2!! lool el R8 7a22a 253000$…
    nwy u’re right about what u said!! iza ma3ak FERRARI w LAMBO mech iza ma3ak AUDI!! eno el BUGATTI kamen manna metel el FERRARI w LAMBO!!! there’s no other car that can be compared to FERRARI & LAMBO!! eno eloun esem w they are really famous!! eno moujarrad ma yeje el wa7ad yesma3 FERRARI w LAMBORGHINI gher eno eza semi3 esem siyara gher!!!

  18. I went to the company to check for the price of the R8, my dad wanted to get one, they gave it to us for 220 000$ final price .

  19. looooooool, i want to uncover the Identity of the CODE name RalF R.:P…Take care bro…5aleena nshoofak tc.

  20. i saw this car on bliss from 2 days, the car is sOOOOO attractive, but the sound of the engine really seemed like squeeking compared 2 its look, evrybody was all over it :D, anyway, tax sux in this country, it adds $20000 to the price of this car, i can buy a new car with that much.

  21. He always cruise at Bliss. Did you see him with the red Lamborghini Murcielago ? they are always together at Bliss. His name is Abdallah ( Lamborghini )…
    He’s a friend of mine…

  22. ya bilal i wish the taxes on this car were only 20.000$$$ but u r talking about the TVA wish is 20.000 $$ but u forgot to talk about the custom taxes(joumrouk) it’s around 80.000$$ hehe

  23. shit, if u need 2 buy this car ull need 2 pay like 100,000 above its original price, anyway ziad, i ve seen lots of lambos on bliss, even 1 with a electric green color (gallardo) but not a murcielago, anyway if i see it , ill tell, bliss woo hamra woo verdan loaded

  24. ya, i saw it on the facebook group, ya thts it , i remember it had no lisence plate from the front. btw i saw a mercielago with a candy blue color next the bristol hotel in hamra a few weeks ago, it shines like chrome!

  25. Very nice car , it looks really awesome , it looks like a Supercar but i heard that it doesn’t feel or drive like one ……. I think this is the top model of Audi , but to be honest i wouldn’t buy it if i have the money , i mean 230000$!!! oh come one , i would prefer a Porsche Turbo , POrsche GT3 , a Lambo , a Ferrari !!!!! the R8 is so expensive , and i think it should have more power , the RS4’s engine is not enough to compete with the big boys……. but damn , it’s beautiful.

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