15 thoughts on “Ferraris and Lamborghinis”

  1. wohohohohohohohoooo!!!! what the hell is this pic!!! very nice spot!! good work!!! woowww 3 exotics with the same color!! woooww…can we know who spotted them??

  2. the first pic was taken in Casino and the second was taken bil Gemayzeh, i can only identify the yellow 360 Spider, it belongs to Marven Kayruz.

  3. great find!
    i hope 2 spot the Lamborghini Leventon in LEB! only 100 r gonna be made… such a hot car!
    truly 1 of the best if not THE best looking car out there!

  4. hehe rami u must be dreaming:P the leventon cost as much as the bugatti:S so in lebanon it won’t be under 2.5 milions that sucks the gages of the leventon is like the airplane it awesome.
    at RODOLPHE the C5 is a good car but it was parked near ultra exotic cars that’s y no1 said anything about it

  5. ur right it REVENTON but ull prononce it reBenton (lamborghini said to jeremy to prononce it this way) DONNO WHY and he doesnt know that lolll but it looks so aggressive

  6. only 20 reventons were ever made, so dont emagine seein one in lebanon, its price is on 30,000 euros more than the veyron, it contains a lambo gallardo superleggera engine, 650HP with a 6-gear shift, but 2ana sheyif inno ghalye 3al fadde, its no different that any other lambo, except with the body.

  7. At Bilal, it’s a limited car..so it’s worth buying. When a car is limited the car bezeed se3ra alot…especially if ur selling it after a couple of years…bterba7 feya!

  8. well, maybe limited will add a few $100000s to the price but i did expected to be more expensive that a vayron, anyway, ur right after a couple ofyrs u can sell it for $5 million, shit u can buy like 15 lambos with that much! anywat did u see how big the rear exaust is? my leg can fit in it

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