5 thoughts on “BMW M5”

  1. Pierre said:
    i love this car!! my god what a sound!!! i need to drive it someday & know how it feels!!!

    First of all, Elie man you have to add the “quote” thing just as LR ! Betfesh el khele2 😛 …

    Second of all, I really hate the BMW M5… I think that the engine should be a V8. For example the 430 is V8 with 490 HP. The M5 is a V10 & 500 HP ? I think this is bull… The new BMW M3 is way nicer and better ! I’ll surely go for it… + It costs 135 K … That’s of course if the guy wanted only a BMW if not, you know what’s my other choice 😛 …

  2. afkham chi M5…my favorite car..actually l M6 (the white one with red interior) kamein raheeebe..bmoot bi shi ismo M5.M6.wM3..hehhe..hayde meshen zo…sho 3aks baa3d na7na..hehhee.khaye l asle zo

  3. I love the M5 ! i still can’t forgive my brother of not buying it instead of his SUV (though i also love it hehe)….. nice spot.

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