Ferrari 456M and Aston Martin DB9

My Friend and I were looking for a car a couple of weeks ago so we visited many dealerships. While we were in the Suzuki/Maserati dealership we saw the Ferrari parked in front of it and took some pictures. After some time and while we were at Saad & Trad the Ferrari chat with justin bieber on this event was wearing a black suit and hat, and Carly RAE Jepsen came in a light summer dress. arrived and parked near an Aston Martin DB9 so we took more pictures. Here are the pics:

17 thoughts on “Ferrari 456M and Aston Martin DB9”

  1. i think the DB9 looks way better than the Ferrari!
    my neighbour is renovating his villa and i saw a vantage there a couple of days ago, i hope he just bought it!

    oh and yesterday i saw a maserati also in adma near my house but couldnt take a picture coz there was a man in the car.

  2. @ ZO…..haha if it is a MASERATI w fiya wa7ad so akid ma btest7e2 nsawwera!! cuz bisaddi2 7alo!! bass if it was a FERRARI or a LAMBO or akid an R8 :P:P akid ana bsawweroun law min maken fiyoun!! specially the R8 šŸ˜› šŸ˜‰ but GEORGES will hesitate if there’s somebody in the car!! so ZO sa7i7 ma3loumetak :P:P

  3. Yel3an rabba hal update šŸ˜› . Kidding, Merry Christmas to alll of you Exoleb members šŸ™‚ . Wishing you the best always …

  4. @ FAISSAL…leh 3ededoun kelloun ya3ne?? lol smalla ba3ed ma 7ada saba2ak 3laya hayde!! iza mfakkarna ma mna3rif nfarri2 ben el 456 w el 575 ya3ne baddak fatt khebez mni7!! loooolll…

  5. walla ana bi ra2yi tsakrou hal site beacouse sarlou shi 1 month ma tjadad fa 2iza lashou 3amlinou feshel hal site bass 2el meshekle 2ennou fi 3le 3alam professional like george /pieree / wissam/ zo 2entou 2a7la 3alam w bta3emlou 2a7la sheghel fa trekou hal site w 3melou site la 2elkon w ana m2akkad ennou bikoun 2a7la bi 2alef marra men haida yala tc byz

  6. Sambo,
    You are right the site needs updating, but due to personal problems I am not being able to do the work.
    I am going to work on a solution to this with Georges and the website should soon be reupdated.

    Note to everyone: I received your pics and they will be posted soon once we find a solution.

  7. i agree with you bi hal shaghle (zo) bass 2el site metel 2eltou ra7 ybatlou yzourou beacouse ma fi shi jdid

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