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  1. well , 7emyene mnih hon …..

    i only read the last few comments , 100 comments are too much for me 😛 …

    Anyway i noticed the argument about the M5 and the standard 3 series , some say that it can’t be noticed if it’s an M5 or not . Well you should look back and carefully since the e28 M5 till this all new e60 , you can see that the M5 has always been a SLEEPER , unlike the M3 which is more hardcore with more agressive looks . The M3 is more muscular than the 3 series from all angles , while the M5 only has different front and rear bumpers , and of course the 4 exhausts . so stop this M5 exterior arguments coz as i said , the M5 is a sleeper . Though a car enthusiast can always distinguish an M5 from a regular 5 series .

    By the way , i was reading some early posts in this section , and i noticed that some people are bashing Porsche and BMW , europeen cars in specific , and are favouring the japanese cars . Well , we can’t deny the fact that the japanese cars are very promising and are very competiteve , and the japanese technology is worldwide famous , and it is now used in their cars and it is very effective , with cheaper cars with high performance , and i am a big fan of japanese cars , but please don’t forget the Europeen history in the automotive world , just give a little bit of credit to europe , and show some respect .

  2. We can distingusih an M5 from a regular 5 series, bass we are saying eno iza betchil l bumper taba3 el M5 w bet7oto 3al regular 5 ma bta3refa…w u have point about the respect for Europeen cars specially german ones 😛

  3. @ralf..mahdooom ma ishbak shi sadee2e..ma ba2a t3eeda bas.metel ma 2al pierre w ma 2asssar ..bteje ikhr shi w bte7kom w ma 3arffen shi..kholset.

    @el khoury..simply btefham
    @ZO..khaye ..hehe.
    @aziz..leik iza bedna ne7ke bhal chagle.tzakar l amg shO?????sho fare2 S55 3an S320 ??..inno mn watte mn 2eemteon iza bedna ne7ke heik..(ino ma feena nmayezon)…ma kil l cars..heik…sho fare2 LS7 3an l 3adeyye (anja2) aked mish 3am be7ke 3an l perfomance..so l conclusion..iza ma kein fi fare2 metel ma 2elto as7abi tab y german 3emlo l M5 wil AMG..laa2no mayazeen 3an gairon..w degreee byen3arfo..so mannon hebel henne la ya3mlo siyarra ma btetmayaz 3an yalli akal menna..

  4. Ya khaye ma 3am men2oul enun manoun mmayazin 3an ba3doun…all we are saying eno bel look khaye metel ma 2let iza jebtela el parts taba3 el AMG w 7ataytoun 3ala C180 eih li khala2ak iza fik ta3refa, bi ghayir kel chi, men el interior lal exterior. Aslan kel el siyarat heik, 7ata Porsche, yemkin fi ba3ed el neis ma fiyoun ymayzo bein C2 w C2S aw C4S, bein Cayman w Cayman S, Bein Cayenne w Cayenne S w 7ata el Cayenne Turbo…ya3ne looks can be dicieving…

  5. fee kam racing track bi libnen, bas killon ta2reeban private la shee 5aleege ma3o masare, woo mo3zamon bil jabal, fee wehde bil mshrif country club, deyman bshoof customized cars hadda, btw, ma3o ha2 3aziz, loox can be very decieving especialy in porshce with the s and the turbo, inno fee fari2 she 20-50 hp ben kil wi7de

  6. First of all, I’d like to welcome El Khoury again to Exoleb. I just want to say that I am not bashing European cars, who said I did ? I am talking about the Japanese eh ! Bass I totally respect the history of european cars and I respect them.
    Second, 5ayye Wissam what do you mean man ? That’s also wrong !! Who said that it’s correct ? The M5 is a sleeper ( As El Khoury said ). And it can be actually discriminated from the regular 5 series by a couple of things: 4 Exhausts, the gills on the side ways and the front bumber. THAT’S IT ! And that’s actually very stupid. That was my own opinion though. I respect all of yours, take care guys.

  7. I disagree with Mr.Ramadan. The Turbo has 480 BHP while the S has 355 BHP that makes 125 HP between them…w i disagree kamen eno you cant diffrentiate between an S and a Turbo actually you can since the Turbo has larger fron frills, turbo ventilators on its sides, and its wider, besides the exhaust system, and on the new model the front Fog Lamps…

  8. I totally disagree with Bilal too. There is actually about 125 HP diffrence between these cars. You can easily discriminate between a Carrera S & Porsche Turbo. The Porsche Turbo could be easily easily identified. The Carrera S can be little hard to identify since it looks it the Carrera and C4S etc…

  9. Man im taking it easy, i didnt say atg, u can read my posts, all i said was and i quote myself here : Zo relax man. Y r u fighting them? Man mbeynin they know nothing about tuning cars. Khalas forget it, rte7 :P” and what did he reply ? well u can read his post.

  10. i saw the audi R8(silver 1) 2day at linas cafe…simply amazing..actually it was delivered 2 the owner 2day..bcz i passed yesturday and saw it at the dealer..2day after i saw it and when i was going 2 jbeil ..passing near the audi..khtafet…srry guys ..i dont hav pics 4 this fucking car..wasnt able 2.. honestly..i didnt expect it 2 be like that..n i promise 2 have pics as soon as possible

  11. @ RALF R….hey man i don’t mean eno bteje bil ekhir w ma khassak bi chi w betsir tcheri3! bas i was kidding eno bte2ra el chari3a taba3na w ba3den betfout bas nkoun dabakneha w khlosna!! lol

    @ WISSAM…rawwe2a rayyis eh!! ma badna nedbeka gher 3a mawdou3 el cars!! w RALF R akbar mennak bi ktir so 7termo!! 😉

    @ EL KHOURY….welcome back ya man!! ma 3am nchoufak illa 3al Lebanon Racing ya khayye!! waynak ma 3am tchouf el AUDIs w el RS4!! btw i spotted the BLUE AUDI RS4 near ABC a month ago!! i’m waiting for the pics to be posted here!! awesome car with awesome color!! btehboul ya man!! wooowww..

  12. Pierre man I wasnt talking to u, I meant enno wissam has ntg to do between u and me. Ana fhemt what u said, Dont’t worry about it bro.

  13. Pierre, Ralf R. Wasn’t talking about you. Bass akid Wissam you should respect Ralf, he has the seniority among us… 🙂

  14. @PIERRE …. Thx bro for the wlc !! walaw ya man , ma32oul ma koun 3am chouf l Audis w khsousatan l RS4 !!!!!! i saw the BLUE RS4 that georges spotted in the Audi section and i commented on it men chi 5 days !!! it is just my favorite color on this car !!! waiting for the new pics that you took bro !! nchalla nchoufak bi chi wehde zar2a ya pierre , eh walla …… w 2ou3a te2bal eza ma kenit zar2a !!!! :P:D … take care man , w keep up the good work guys .

  15. @ RALF R…i know man!! bas kenet 3am waddi7 w it seems that it was already obvious! 😉

    @ EL KHOURY…yeah man 10x!! i hope i get a BLUE RS4 1 day! w i promiss eno bade kazderkoun kellkoun fiya!! 😉

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