9 thoughts on “BMW M3”

  1. hayde l bmw bit dala 3al bliss, its engine is stock it sounds like a normal m3 engine, mas ma3o ha2 george, m3adallavisually bi taree2a mish tabee3iye, bas ya zalame kteer 42K , 2ana b2ool hayda fee ybee3a bi she 35K hatta izza customized, bas 6 years old

  2. What’s wrong with you people ? I know this car wlo…

    This BMW E46 M3 is a 2002 Model, belongs to Mr. Nader Hashem. He lives in Jnah near Panacea Health Club… 🙂

    The car has several screens from the inside, the rims are black and it’s available with a soft top as well.

    His asking price is 42000$ because he’s getting the new E60 M5 … That’s all what I know.

    That’s what he told me, but he loves speeding and drifting. The guy flies with this car.

    Take care 🙂

  3. By the way, last time I saw this car, there was a paper at the rear window saying for sale.

    Hala2 at the pics mafee. So I guess this is the new owner. Or Nader decided not to sell this car anymore …….

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