21 thoughts on “BMW M5”

  1. Never liked the car, and never will ! I’d take the M3 over it anyday !
    180 K for a stupid V10-500 BHP. Damn, this car looks like a TUNED 5 series !

  2. zo this car is in another category than the M3 this is a 4 doors luxury sports car. i think 180k$ for this car isn’t a lot specialy when we know that it could smoke a AMV8

  3. Hahahahaha lesh what’s a AMV8 ?? It’s bullshit man. I just hate this car, I really do . Luxury sports car ? I don’t think so …

  4. Hate the interior/exterior of that car. It’s a tuned 5 series. I’d take the new G sedan over it anyday. The looks are better ! Even though the M5 is faster …..

  5. ZO…u suck man!! the G doesn’t look better than the M5!! that’s for sure!! man enta sayir bte3bad el NISSAN w INFINITI!! w mannak cheyif ghayroun 3a wejj el ared!!! w essss….

  6. You are funny man :P. I didn’t say that the Infiniti is a better car. I said that it looks BETTER. Let me ask you this, don’t you get confused between a 5-series BMW and an M5 ? That was my point Pierre, nothing less and nothing more … Thanks for the sucking point . 🙂

  7. Wlek ka Zo , how many times have you/we talked here on Exoleb about the M5 and the regular 5 series !!!! The M5 is a Fucking SLEEPER ! it has always been like that , and it will always be like that ! when it comes to the looks , you can distinguish the M5 by it’s 4 exhaust pipes , and front and rear bumpers , and it’s side grills and it’s mirrors etc…. what do you want more from a Sleeper performance sedan !!! The M5 is not like the M3 guys , the M3 is suposed to be more hardcore , it is supposed to look more hardcore than the 3series …….. So please , stop this M5 / 5 series confusing attitude and understand the concept of an M5 !

    Besides , if i have the money , and i want to buy a sports sedan , i would never ever think about getting a sports sedan other than the M5 …. It does and has everything a human could ever need in a Sports sedan , and it simply does it beautifully .

  8. @ ZO…no i don’t…u can differ the M5 & the 5 series easily from the rear & front bumper & the rims & the wide body the M5 got!! it’s easy man!! & the M5 has a better look for sure!!

    @ EL KHOURY…that’s right dude!!

  9. @ GEORGES…yeah man! i love the M5 & the M3 too much!! & u’re right about the M6! it sucks!! btw i mostly love the BMW ALPINA B7 that i spotted!! awesome car!!!

    @ EL KHOURY…eh byefham!! nwy AUDI w bass!! :P:P

  10. sorry ZO ,bass ma btefham bl cars ,kif btetjarra2 w btehkeh 3an l M5 heik.ma tensa 3am tehkeh awal chi 3an a BMW car.w teneh chi 3an the 5 series car ,which is the best series in BMW cars,and akhiran it an M55555.so cut the crap ZO.i saw it flying couple of days ago,its faster than every sports car u might see .lambo…. aston m…..porshe …..,ferrari…..u name it.

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