15 thoughts on “Porsche Turbo”

  1. Hahahahaha lashu hal big discussion ?:P. Akid Nissan GT-R. Bekafeh 2artet this car fare2 4 seconds !! :P. 5alle el Porsche yet7ashowa :P!

  2. Wein kenit Nissan wa2ta el Porshce kenit kes7a, actualy wein keno el yaban wa2ta keno l german kes7in??? boukra menchouf el 997 Turbo S chou bada ta3moul…” All good things come to those who wait “….

  3. 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo is the best car ever…;)

    @ ZO…man el Germans are silent right now….but don’t u think they’re preparing something to shake the world ??!!! chou?? didn’t u ever think of that?? well think again…

  4. They are silent ??? :P. They ate shit tabee3eh :P. Let them prepare whatever they want , we are readyyyyyy 😀

  5. Wein ma rou7 , w 2eje , w erja3 rou7, w 2eje , bchouf 2esem Nissan GT-R .

    I think this is why i hate this car. :S

  6. @ ZO…you’re ready?? ma tkoun cherket el NISSAN aw INFINITI la bayyak w mech 3erfin?? :P:P looolll

    @ EL KHOURY…lool man…le72ina fiya w rekbouna fiya like it’s the end of the world!! haha…ma3ak 7a2…but i don’t hate the GT-R..i love it..;)

  7. Ma Carlos Ghosn is related to Zo in a way :P:P chou beik ya man 3am te7ke Porsche mich Kia (with all due respect la Pierre :P)!!!

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