10 thoughts on “BMW M5”

  1. dakhlak GEORGES..mech hayda li tseba2et ma3o 3al highway w ma 3edet chefet asar la2elo?? 😛 ballachna fadayi7!! hahaaa

  2. he is called jad gaith…his family hav more than 3 exotics…SL500 Red..gallardo..E55 vath..M5 E60..Sportsuper..( highly tuned)..vogue..F430..S brabus(600000000) and hummer H2..

  3. 10000000000000000000000000%……gaith..walla gaith..ismo jad kamen w khayo ismo hady w 3rd one ismo hady…btw l M5 mzabat sawta (i think kelleners ymkin) donno

  4. @ ZO…that’s right dude! he is!
    @ WISSAM EL MOKHTAR…GEORGES spotted him in the RED SL at NDU..hehe

  5. when was that..??bcz he said that he is going 2 add some stuff..donno man….mn kem yom lamma kein jeye 3ala baito 7ad baite ..sawta kein koleyan mgayyar..donno man

  6. no dude! i don’t think he added anything!! he shouldn’t be playing with this car!! ana ma77alo betreka STOCK!! i love this car because it’s stock!! it is awesome because it has a stock power!! raw3a man!! so i don’t think he added anything!!

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