8 thoughts on “Porsche Targa 4S”

  1. Beauty on 4 wheels ! This is really amazing…This Targa 4S and the GT3 RS, ya3ne its a dream turned to reality.

  2. dude!! i heard the sound of this TARGA at PISTE WARDE…it sounds like a airplane!! ya delle malla sot!! ask GEORGES about it cuz he heard it too!!

  3. @ GEORGES…yes u were!! chou bek man nsit??!!! come on..remember! i asked it u heard the sound & u told me yes! w i told then that this is the TARGA i spotted near NDU!! welaw ya kherfen!! haha loll

    @ ZO…yalla bi7ebba…maghroummm!! 😉 bouche a bouche!! sex w corn flex!! hehe looool

  4. no bouche ?ɬ bouche Pierre !
    it’s a nice car!
    Bsides I find that color very nice in the pressbook but in real that car won’t be easy to sell ^^

    & the sound… I know it… fabulous
    now imagine that same sound with the sport exhaust lol

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