6 thoughts on “Tuned 3 series”

  1. guys i wanna tell u that this is actually a 330i with an M3 look!! so it’s faked! ma tenghacho bil look! & the inside is like an M3 too! but when u see the A/T u can easily identify it!! hehe lool the owner is not that smart!! 😉

  2. kteeer zabta ma3o lal owner…tal3a bit3a22ed..w ba3den kit l m3 kteer b kallef..the steering wheel la7alo 7a22o 900$.l bumpers 7a22on like 1600$ ma 3ada l mirrors wil jnouta.ya3ne zalame mkallaf..bas tal3a 7ilwe. btw are they 17″ or 18″

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