15 thoughts on “Ferrari F430 Spyder”

  1. this is a rented ferrari look at the number!!!! its M and M includes buses taxis and rented cars and the rent companies are keeping the M but making the color of the license plate white so it wouldnt show that it is rented!!!

  2. hey guys i have a question y do most of the ferraris in lebanon has a lisence plate with the letter M, doesnt that mean mou2asase ?bidoon gimrok? how can that be done?its kinda interesting!

  3. Sadly, you are wrong guys. This car isn’t for rent… It’s for someone actually and the letter M doesn’t have to be “for rent” or without Goumrouk… He’s selling it actually… 599 GTB Fiorano coming ;).

  4. M y3ne mou2assse…la yehrbo mn l jemrok..laa2no l mo2asaset feeyon yjeeebo cars jemrkon akal mn l 3adi bekteer

  5. enno haram ya chabeb ,enno yalli bijib heik syara 3an jadd baddo lammeh ,w ma bye2dir yethammal kelfit l joumrouk….chi biza3il…eh wallah chou fi ness badda khabit bi lebanon.

  6. mish 7ayallah wahad yehkeh, ento shatrein kilkon tehko!!!! el zalameh bekoun siyarto barra wo jeyeba lal bald la 1 yaer, so majbour ya3moul heik

  7. -1-Go FERRARI
    -2-Ahmad ma3o 7a22 la2anno lamma bayyi 2a3ad yjibli my car(BMW M3)min 2almanya 2enjabarna na3moul heik

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