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  1. ana men ra2yak shant beacouse hal car is very silly i prefer to buy the old model ya3ni 1975 model

  2. there r very few lebanese mustangs in this country, but many others from outside, specially saudi arabia , there are like 6 black saudi mustangs romin in lebanon, but no it seems lebanese aint fans of the mustang, btw, did any1 every spot a ford gt in leb?

  3. no shabeb fi ford gt in lebanon shefta bi tripoli hidik 2el sene bass 3laya saudi number plate w ken 7atet 3laya for sale kamena 2el owner lebanon 2esmou rami 2el khoury work as an engineer in saudi arabia w sme3et 2ennou he sold it bi 140000$ without jemrok bass ma ken fini sawera beacouse my gf kenet ma3i

  4. Pierre- Thanks for that info. WOW that is just amazing at how much that costs, I kind of figured that American cars were more expensive than here in the US but that is almost DOUBLE! Crazy! The base Mustang here is about $20,000 and then the GT is about $27,000 and then the Shelby GT is about $45,000.

  5. @ TONY…haha dude u cannot compare prices according to what we have in Lebanon! lool..it’s nice to hear that they are so cheap there!! yaret brou7 lahonik ta jeble chi SHELBY!! wooww

  6. Hi Guys, I shipped my Mustang GT-2008 model from Qatar… It’s Color is Grey Silver and it’s for sale… 50000 USD for those interested… please send me an email. I can tell you one thing though, if i wasn’t getting married next yr. and need the cash, i would not sell it in a 1000 yrs…

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