14 thoughts on “Lebanon Racing Event”

  1. 2eh walla 3an jad shaklou awesome days fast car i a sunny day bass mafi wala siyara exotic men bayneton khsara

  2. @Omar… The Exotics are not the only cars in the world 🙂

    @Georgeskhai… You are more than welcome man. tc.

  3. @ el khoury ba3ref 2ennou 2el exotics are not the only cars in the world bass haida 2el site lal exotic cars right heik bi2oul 2esmou w betzakar marra kentou 3am tetkhana2ou iza bet7ottou 2el CLS ka exotic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Omar… Well yes this website is made to spot exotics, but the Admins of this Website are also LR members, so they were covering with pics and videos the LR meet (which turned out to an event lol) , and they saw all these nice sportscars , and some drag races on the highwayand in Hammet, so they took some pics and videos, chou badak yehoun ma y7otouwoun coz there was not an ENZO in the meet ? 😛 …. Maybe you’re right, this website is strictly for exotic stuff, well let’s just say these are pics of an Exotic meet 😛

    @Ziad… lei thanks to Ksar jbeil ? la2anno 2edro t7ammalouna? 😛 lol

  5. dam m3s :D, awsome event but were did this event happen, on wich high way, how many cars were there, all of them look awsome :P…

  6. You dudes keep complaining that this website is supposed to be for exotics only, yet theres the word ‘HYUNDAI’ under the categories column?????? Stop complaining about this site being only for exotics because its obvious that it allows all tastefuly modified automobiles.
    By the way is there any workshop in Lebanon that works with modified japanese cars……like do they have a dyno or can they tune aftermarket computers such as Apexi Power FC??

    Any help would make my monkey ‘bubbles’ regain his appetite……….heee heeeeeeeeee ouwh!

  7. @ MICHAEL..dude this website is for sport/exotic cars!! & yet we post pics of tuned cars too!! cuz u know we all like to see such cars in Lebanon & it’s nice to spot them!
    fot the Modified japanese cars yeah man there’s a garage for ABDO FEGHALI at Hazmiyeh & there’s the PRODRIVE performance w KAZAN RACING w…& they surely have a dyno dude! hehe what can they do without it! nwy for more info join the forums on http://www.lebanonracing.com & ask about it…;)
    oh btw what car do u drive ??

  8. now the types of events are different so it depends on the car. Only ppl who r driving the same car meets. for example 350z, g35, impreza, ferrari, GTR and sadely, latelly evos owner arent doing any event !!!

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