15 thoughts on “BMW 335i E93”

  1. guys guys guys…i would really like to be part of the team…if the members get one each… 😛

  2. well, it is more exotic than a porsche Boxster.. mzaballin…
    and considering there are only 2 E93 335i in Lebanon.. I’d say it ranks pretty high up on the rarity scale… and that the price of said car in Lebanon is over $120,000 I would also say it ranks as more exotic than a 986 Porsche Boxster

    what’s so exotic about a Jaguar XK?
    and before u say “oh.. I’ve seen tons of 335i…”
    how many of them were convertible? that’s what I thought…

  3. hehe @georgeskhai ok mabruke 3le didnt knw im sry i dnt live in lebanon anymore so i dont know what is around in massiv numbers and which not but since im living in switzerland i always c bentleys like mercedes Sclass in lebanon lol so bade et3awad ba3ed enno leb bye3tebir hek cars special…l price shu badna na3mil hayda men wara l jomrok law ma hek its much cheaper over here affordable ya3ne:D

  4. @ OMAR..dude mech esset eno mne3tebera special!! bas we usually post our members’ car pics if they had such a sport car!! ma daroure tkoun exotic! bas it is owned by a member of Exoleb! 😉

  5. guys does anyone know how much does it cost to import bmw 335i or a bmw Z4 M for california without el gomrok?

  6. u need to have an address in cali.. and u need to export the car every 6 months and can only do it for 2 years…
    after that, u have to pay the gomrok…

    hardly worth it, unless u plan on keeping the car for 2 years… 🙂

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