18 thoughts on “Mclaren SLR”

  1. its the same SLR that wass spotted by wissam farhat near ?Ǩ?karamna?Ǩ restaurant. but anyway nice car but still prefer the new brabus edition:D

  2. its a nice car but its automatic, it s the only mode u can buy it, thts one hell of a disadvantage, but does the brabus come in manual or automatic???

  3. its a nice car but its oly disadvantage is that is automatic, does the brabus come it manual???

  4. 2ennou w iza automatic ya3ni 2a2wa siyarat 2el 3alam w 2a7sana henne automatic metel FERRARI EnZO w 2asra3 siyara bel 3alam 2el bugatti automatic bass

  5. all SLR come with automatic gearbox, and no, the Enzo and Veyron do not come with auto gearboxes.

  6. shabeb 2el enzo wel bugatti comes with automatic gearbox foutou 3ala 2aya site w shoufou 2el F1 gearbox 2esmou automatic six speed wel SLR kamena kellon 2esmon automatic F1 haida 2el nizam 2esmou automatic sequantial

  7. The F1 system is not an automatic , it is a manual system with an electric clutch. Automatics have hydraulic torque convertors that time shifts to rpm while F1 systems have clutch discs and actuators that are controled electronically which eliminates the loss in torque/power that occurs in automatic transmissions. The SLR is an automatic with a regular torque convertor and oil pump to control its shifts. The SL65 AMG gives you almost the same thrills as the SLR and more punch (higher torque 1000 n/m) for much less money.

  8. I was very close for losing my temper… I couldn’t have made a better point myself Hassan !

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