13 thoughts on “Porsche GT3 RS & Ferrari F430”

  1. mbayan inno sa7eb hal GT3RS kein ma3o we7de (white one) ana sawarta bil achrafieh..eheh mbayan ma 3ajbeto haydeeek so jeb hayde…shooofooha guys

  2. we spotted a orange-black gt3 rs before, is this one the same one, but dam is it fast, it goes from o-60 miles in 3.7s, just like the carrera gt.

  3. @ BILAL…dude the GT3 RS doesn’t go to 100km/h in 3.7 secs!! it has a 4.2 secs acc! the 911 Turbo does it in 3.7 secs as predicted & the GT2 does it in 3.5 secs!

  4. haha guys! aslan 3am tetkhena2o 3a 0.1 & 0.2 difference!! loool ye2ta3koun chou comedy!! 😛
    u should know guys eno el acceleration btefrou2 from a driver to another!!
    remember Georges the 5th gear episode taba3 el acceleration records?? wala car akhadit el time li ma3roufe fi!! hehe

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