Those Pictures were taken by Georges and Pierre.
(Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari 430 Scuderia Novitec Rosso, Ferrari 430, 2 Ferrari 430 Spyder, Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640,Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560)
NB: the F430 Scuderia in the second pic has the Novitec Rosso Kit with approximately 707 HP.

Author: georgeskhai (Admin)

22 , ashrafieh , and dont own any of these cars lol

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  1. 2 LP560s… This yellow one with the Lebanese owner but foreign plates and David’s white LP560 with the same story… Foreign plates.

  2. ppl i dnt understand im lebanese from z?ɬrich,switzerland!and these plates are not legal i think because u can only use them for some time like max a month or so and the LP640 is like sice summer with these plates as i saw in previous pix the same goes to the yellow one and i knw from my father when he wanted to enter leb with our bmw and plates from z?ɬrich but not like these in the pix because are for short time,they didnt allow him to enter cz alot of ppl enter leb with the plates in the pix and then dnt pay jomrok!!
    wt do u say?does anybody knw the guys i couldnt identify them but hv to be from z?ɬrich!!?

  3. hey dude no these guys are Lebanese i think they travel a lot to switzerland so they get their cars without the custom fees. so i’m not really sure how & what they do…but i think every 3 months they have to get their cars out of Lebanon & then in maybe to Syria or any other country..& maybe they don’t do that at all…u know maybe there is political influence as we are used to here in Lebanon lol..

  4. hehe pierre akid they are lebanese bas the point is you can only do this with goin out the country an reentering it if you have regular plates fromswitzerland and also you have to register it and pay the fees after 1 year or so i think but these plates on the 2cars have to be thwon away after 1 month or so fa i think they have political influence:P

  5. to omar .. man if someone have enough money to buy a lamb or a ferrari i dont think that getting it out of the country every month or every 3 month will cause such a problem..

  6. Too bad the Ferrari 430 Scuderia Novitec Rosso coz the real owner sold it now….i have seen in twice and never took any picture of it :S….next time i see ill take a picture of it even it will be with my phone :P…..

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