11 thoughts on “Mercedes CL 63 AMG”

  1. its should be a famous one because my last trip to lebanon its was april 2008 and i saw alot of benze with this sign in the back ,, by the way im talking to you guyz live from venezuela and the exotic cars over here ahahhah its the toyota 4runner.

  2. hahahahah yeah i know pierre but me i have a 4 runner 2009 and a toyota land cruiser 1979 full equiped withe high wheels full equipe, evrytime i go to the beach or the the gran sabana ( the entrance of the amazonia)i took the cruiser but the probleme her, people have money to buy ferrari lmaborghini , but local mafia they kidnapp you for money or kill you to robb you when thay saw type of cars like that even if you have a big house….. i say one s63 s65 and s550 amgs but they shoulb be politician with body guard

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