30 thoughts on “Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4”

  1. hey guys, i’m dazzeld by the amount of exotic cars u do have in lebanon, i’m in australia and i have the same lambo, exactly the same color.
    number plate is( UFO)…..
    unidentified flying object…..
    well done guys

  2. @ Omar..we all know that..hehe this guy used to drive a Z06 so he wrecked & then his father got him an LP 560..this is the story we all know..donno how much this info is true hehe..but if it’s true i would commit suicide for sure lol

  3. heheheeh i know the story pierre and its 100% true! this is my car! im just asking rami how did he know bcz i didnt know that all you guys knew hehe!! bs dont commit suicide we need EXOLEB ( w mish bs ossit exoleb we need you pierre hehe) anyway you want some pics of the vette?

  4. hehehe pierre its true..its omar’s car. trust me he deserves it, he is a rly gd driver. w u should see the corvette pics πŸ˜› !

  5. Nice Omar. You could not wait till you read some more comments then get uncovered. hehe

  6. bas omar how did u leve the swiss plates on it since its just a temporary one as we both know:P?does ur dad still lives in zΓΌrich?maybe i know him:P

  7. no one lives in zurich! this is temporary and it expiers in 6 months! so ill put a lebanese plate by then!

  8. ah so u just went to switzerland got it from there instead getting it from lebanon?hehe i know it expires:P
    yalla the customs will be happy:d

  9. @ omar, my friend knows u so much he showed me the fucked up pics of the vette, even though i don’t like american cars alot i almost cried, and when i saw the lambo……i cried..drivecarefully man, the lambo is wonderful to drive and it is pretty much safe with the 4 wheels pushin but even with that be careful we want more lambos in leb not less….take care, hope 2 hear it’s roar soon :p

  10. omar hahahahaha w 2er sayer mashhour πŸ˜› hahaha khaye omar ntebeh 3laya πŸ˜‰ ekhet manyouke l siyara πŸ˜€

  11. hahah rami thanks! dont worry ill drive carfully!! btw the boat is 530 hp! fa metla metel l lambo 3a shwey asra3!! hehe!! btw pierre le hek shakle??? i mean the smiley!? hehehe

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