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  1. this car is faster than the,f430,gallardo,c6,Z06,R8…and the 997 turbo…..so we could say Tht this car is almost the fastest car in the “21 may list” ,,without incloding the slr and the scuderia……..

  2. khaled the gallardo lp 560 is faster than the scuderia so how can the gtr be faster than the gallardo but not faster than suderia!?

  3. ;d am nt taking about the gallardo’lp560′,am taking about the normal gallardo.,..,,btw the accleration of the gtr from 0-100 is only 3.9sec but the accleration of the gallardo is 4.1,,,that,s what make it faster than the -stuiped gallardo-,,,without afence.

  4. @ khaled : and the Z06 gets to 100 in 3.7 sec and the GTR in 3.7 or even a bit faster but the Z06 is faster above 100 so in a long drag race with a rolling start the Z06 is faster but in a standstill race the GTR will win !!

  5. no ofense taken khaled! but you said the gtr is the fastest in the 21st may list! which includes the lp 560! and i know the gtr is faster than the ”stupid” gallardo but now you have the lp! and george is 100% right the z06 is much faster it straight lines espasialy when you accelerate from 50km/h not from zero! i dont know why are you defending the gtr that much if you have a z06 maybe you should try applying for a job at Rymco! tc

  6. guy,s i dont have a big experince in these thing,s but omar 😀 Thx for these informations,,,and thx every body,for sharing this nice conversation…..

  7. Hi i own a GTR and i posted before but it didn’t work so here we go again.
    Take into consideration that all cars are stock. these are rolling start straight line drags (not off the ground usually starting from speeds of 50 kph+) and my post doesn’t include laps around a track.
    cars that a GTR can beat are: Gallardo and probably the normal Murcielago, Ferrari F430,Porsche 911 Turbo,BMW M6
    cars that a GTR can’t beat are: Scuderia, LP560, LP640, Porsche GT2, Corvette Z06 and ZR1
    hope i was helpful:)

  8. @ richard: sometimes comments didn’t appear because of the slow connection !!!
    and your right about what u said , but i think that the murcielago will probably beat the GTR and it depends on the length of the straight line , if the drag strip was long , the GTR will also lose against the M6

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