26 thoughts on “Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560”

  1. Where was this lamborghini spotted, and by the way i have spotted maybachs and lamborghinis and ferraris so many times i got bored just yesterday i spotted a rolls royce phantom drophead and a bentley brookland and an F430 ferrari.

  2. this Vette is for his brother…..it’s a C6, the owner of the lambo in this pic had the more powerful ZO6, but sadly it’s in heaven now :p……

  3. yup….He did crash it….but look on the bright side if he hadn’t crashed it he wouldn’t have got the lambo :p

  4. the person (‘friend’) who sent us these pictures is not the owner because he didn’t took pictures of the interior so he, at 99% sure, don’t have the keys so is not the owner !!!!

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