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  1. Sandro :

    Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra and not a limited edition

    I have no idea about the car, but they say it can reach 700HP on a special tuning !!, nwy, i will tell the owner to comment and tell us more about his car. eventhough , u may be right ya sandro !!!!

  2. thanks for the comments guys
    heres some info about my car
    it’s a 2003 ford mustang cobra saleen 10th anniversary
    certified by SVT (HAND BUILD ENGINE)
    # 49 out of 50 cars worldwide made by special vehicle team ( SVT ) with document to prove it
    so it is a limited edition car
    lots of customs to list ,lots of work done to the engine ,clutch,transmission,shifter…..

  3. I used to have a ’99 Mustang SVT Cobra (not in Lebanon). It was a load of fun to drive. They’re pretty easily tunable, with lots of parts suppliers. If you want to add a blower (supercharger) it’s easy. Changing the intake manifold, filters, gear ratios, etc… is pretty standard fare as well. So you can end up with 500+ horses. I think I saw one once that reached 1,000. But that’s pretty extreme and the frame doesn’t like it much.

  4. Guys hey.
    I own a 1998 GT 4.6 mustang and i need some tuning (suspension, brakes, etc). Does anyone have a good advice where i can do this in Beirut ?

    Thanks, any help appreciated.


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