6 thoughts on “Audi RS6”

  1. u mean the Avant version 😛
    btw the Sedan is much better cuz it looks more sporty! i spotted another one but black at Gemayze this weekend..i’ll post the pics soon..:D:D

  2. @ MrGholex…it isn’t called hatchback! it’s called Station Wagon & the Audi call it Audi RS6 Avant which means station…u can only call the small cars hatchback like the Peugeot 206 or 307 or anything like it…

    @ Shant…yeah man :D:D:D matchouf adde kayyafet bass chefta 😀

  3. This guy has an rs6 but not the money muahahahaha


    مرهونة لامر البنك اللبناني الفرنسي ش.م.ل
    سيارة سياحة خصوصي نوع اودي RS 6 لون رمادي صناعة 2009

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