8 thoughts on “BMW M3”

  1. i cant get it why the m3 is an exotic in lebanon enno shu its an m3 matlub tkun mzabble!!

  2. Well, I consider it an ” Exotic car ” because it cost arround 200,000 USD at bassoul heneine show room wich means its alot more expensive from ppl that are getting USED ferraris from dubai without customs. And the e92 series specialy the 335i and the m3 got an amazing visual rating better then lots of other exotic cars.

  3. @omar
    shou it is an m3 mfakkara hek ok it is not an exotic bass it is a super muscle car ba3den shou mzablle go to bassoul hneine and ask for the price of an m3 w rja3 2ele w A 4.0 l engine v8 420hp mesh 3ejbak :/ from 0-100 in 4 sec but sorry man u r wrong

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